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  • Undisclosed

    Project Value

  • 60,000

    Square Foot

  • 22 weeks

  • Victoria, London

GTA carried out a building analysis of the CAT A Verde building office space at feasibility stage to ensure M&E was fit for client requirements and space planning proposals responded and worked with the basebuild.

PA used their office relocation as an opportunity to create new ways of working. PA have adopted an agile working, moving to a fully hot desking environment. Staff reside in zones like individual communities; it is the integration of collaboration areas amongst the hot desking that has made for an easy working transition.

GTA created bespoke semi enclosed booths, folded Corian screen dividers and curtained off project tables - openable for immediate team expansion and closed off for dedicated collaborative work. The tiered seating creates an area away from open plan desking for informal meetings and large staff town hall meetings.

Client facing meeting rooms are located at the 7th floor adjacent to the stunning Verde building terrace perfect for hospitality events. Other internal meeting rooms are placed at the core of the space meaning every desk benefits from the best views and natural daylight.