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Introducing neon-lit Tokyo

  • 300k

    Project Value

  • 5,000

    Square Foot

  • 6 Weeks

  • W1 London

Neon lighting, large scale location graphics, bold finishes and quirky signage gives the Tokyo floor its unique identity. Practical yet colourful acoustic panels, integrated AV and a meeting room booking system ensures maximum utilisation to fulfil office expansion.


Trip Advisor’s Fit Out required GTA Interior to knock through separate demises to create one whole floor. Sympathetic to business operation, construction was carried out whilst Trip Advisor was in occupation.

From the start GTA we’re completely onboard with our requirements and of course our budget.  We like to make areas fun, relevant and interesting but also practical, functional and ensure longevity, the team at GTA attended regular meetings to ensure that the end product would be meet our current and future needs. I was thrilled with the area, the finish was of an excellent standard with minimal snagging.  The team occupying the area simply love it.  We recently reviewed the area a year later with GTA and I am delighted that the area looks as good as it did on the day of occupation.  We love the way GTA work so we have enlisted their help on another larger project and look forward to being impressed, which I am sure we will be, all over again.

(Mark Collins - Regional Manager, Office Experience)

Quintessential Japan

Linear light fittings along office street create Trip Advisor's very own quintessential Japanese feature