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Soho Square, Phase 2

  • Undisclosed

    Development Budget

  • 9,441

    Square Foot

  • 13 weeks

  • Soho Square

Having completed other offices for Trip Advisor, GTA Interior were invited to design and build their Soho Square office. The brief for first floor was to tie together all their other floors themed around continents.


This multifunctional floor provides a workplace, an external meeting and hospitality venue and Trip's main reception. GTA created Trip advisor's very own departure lounge with turbine booth seating, the galley style kitchen and a fuselage suspended ceiling. GTA identified the atrium as a problematic area acoustically. Once occupied and with several activities on going simultaneously, sound was expected to echo and become intolerable. GTA's acoustician analysed the existing space, creating data and results that defined the scope and specification for the acoustic treatment. The main acoustic absorber is a giant landscape of projecting felt fins applied to a double storey wall. The fins create an undulated surface that when hit by sound is absorbed eliminating the echo. The fins not only design out the expected acoustic problem but by simply coordinating from the outset they have become a key design feature in the space.

Projected felt fins

Creating an undulated surface in the atrium to improve the acoustics of the double storey space, as well as a key design feature, tying in with the aviation themed seating booths.