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What the new GTA brand offers our clients

At GTA, we’re thrilled to unveil our new brand and website, which we feel is a testament to our commitment and expertise in the commercial interior design sector. Our refreshed branding is more than just a visual makeover; it encapsulates GTA's values.

Our new website offers an intimate glimpse into the heart of GTA – our team. We believe that the foundation of exceptional design lies in the people behind it. By sharing insights into our team’s design ethos and company culture, we hope to be able to connect more deeply with you, our clients, fostering a collaborative and transparent relationship.

Transparency is key in our approach, and this is evident in the detailed information we provide about our design and delivery process. We understand that our clients value clarity and honesty, and our website serves as a tool to communicate these aspects effectively.

Showcasing our projects is a significant part of our online presence. The new website features an array of our completed works, offering a visual narrative of our capabilities and the diverse range of projects we have brought to life. Each project tells a story of creativity, precision, and client-focused design.

Now is the right time for GTA to update our brand

For GTA, updating our brand represents more than just a change in aesthetics; it's about redefining our approach and how we communicate our expertise.

Our projects are a source of pride and inspiration, and they deserve to be celebrated and showcased. The new website features an array of our completed works, offering a visual narrative of our capabilities and the diverse range of projects we have brought to life.


By refreshing our brand and digital presence, we aim to highlight our projects more effectively, sharing our innovative solutions and success stories across the workplace interior design sector.

GTA’s three brand pillars

As we unveil our refreshed identity, allow us to introduce the three pillars that define the new GTA brand: Dedication, Trust, and Innovation, each driven by our approach to commercial interior design.

Dedicated: A carefully selected GTA team will be by your side throughout the entire project and beyond. For many businesses, this is the first time of working with a Design and Build company, and we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, working with you to analyse your business needs and establish your workplace requirements.

Trusted: We give you exceptional service and seamless communication throughout the entire process. We build lifelong partnerships with you as we anticipate, adapt, and support your evolving workplace needs, and we always deliver on our promises.  But don't just take our word for it - our long-standing clients are proof of our dedication.

Innovative: Our ground-breaking and creative solutions mean that you will be proud to call your workplace your own.  Every workplace is unique, and we will challenge your brief to reach the very best innovative design that is always thoroughly considered, realistic, and aligned with your brand and culture.

Stay Connected with GTA’s Journey

As we embark on this exciting chapter, we invite you to join! In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more about our rebrand process, including our latest team and project photography, and the dynamic elements that bring our new brand to life, such as our animations.

To ensure you don’t miss out on these updates, we encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram!


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