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Elevate your workspace with sustainable elegance. Our commitment to workplace furniture goes beyond design; it's a fully integrated approach, offering bespoke furniture solutions for the workplace.


  • Furniture Specification

  • Delivery & Installation

  • Furniture Audit

  • Move Management

  • Furniture Sustainability

Workplace furniture

When it comes to workplace furniture, bespoke solutions often become essential. Our creative approach to bespoke solutions generates exquisite details that elevate furniture into masterpieces, perfectly tailored to your unique needs. From concept to creation, we ensure the delivery and installation of bespoke furniture solutions for the workplace, delivered smoothly and in line with your overall design scheme.


Our services extend beyond the installation of new furniture pieces; we offer comprehensive move management for a hassle-free transition when furniture has been identified through our audit process to be included within your new scheme. This sustainable approach involves furniture relocation drawings, providing a clear plan of what will move with you and its new position. Before any move, a storage audit is also conducted to understand quantity, filing format, and accessibility. 


At the core of every decision we make, sustainability is not just a trend but a fully integrated part of our business.


Throughout all project stages, sustainability guides our approach, influencing workplace furniture selection, material choices, manufacturing processes, and even the impact of delivery logistics on the environment. We prioritise responsible practices, considering the full product lifecycle. 


Our dedication to sustainability is especially evident in our selection of furniture solutions for the workplace. 


Trust us to bring sustainable elegance to your workspace.

workplace furniture
workplace furniture
workplace furniture

When looking at workplace furniture, we begin with a thorough furniture audit. This entails identifying existing furniture assets and offering recommendations for re-use or relocation based on functionality, budget, and aesthetic considerations. Our furniture specification process is informed by our comprehensive understanding of your needs.


To further solidify new furniture choices, we provide samples, mock-up rooms, and showroom visits, ensuring your satisfaction with the proposed furniture solutions and the overall design scheme. 


Through strong relationships with long-standing furniture suppliers, we guarantee access to a diverse range of high-quality furniture solutions for the workplace. Our commitment to competitive prices ensures that your workplace furniture not only meets your design preferences but also aligns seamlessly with your budget constraints.

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Our whole team is so approachable and easy to work with and we pride ourselves on exceeding client’s expectations.

Ryan Maher, Project Manager

All good partnerships start with a conversation. Get in contact to speak to a member of the GTA team about your workplace requirements.


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