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We strive to understand how our clients’ businesses tick, the needs of their team, and how we can use this to enhance the design and build process.

Sally Gilliland, GTA Design Manager

Our unique approach centers around the heart of your business – your exceptional team. We're not just about buildings; we focus on the talented individuals who shape your success.


Our secret lies in staff engagement, recognising the profound impact of a happy and healthy work environment. Through interviews and workshops, we spark conversations, immersing ourselves in the distinct needs of your team.

In this post-COVID era, we navigate the evolving workplace landscape, understanding the significance of staff engagement and their return to the office. By addressing the concerns of your workforce, we're crafting a workplace that meets your business needs and creates an environment that elevates the satisfaction and engagement of your incredible team.


We embark on a comprehensive overview, mapping out your current operations and future aspirations. Our perspective extends beyond the present; we consider your future expansion plans and evolving requirements.

Our analytical approach scrutinizes more than square footage, unraveling the intricacies of your workspace through behavioural insights. We examine desk occupation, space efficiency, and the benefits of collaboration spaces and breakout areas, aiming to optimise functionality and foster creativity and teamwork.


Our extensive expertise ensures your workplace benefits from the latest design and workplace thinking, delivering environments that propel businesses forward. 


We provide a meticulous building survey to ensure your space aligns with operational goals. Is your building truly fit for purpose, or are there unseen opportunities waiting to be unveiled? We go beyond the surface, exploring the potential of using your space differently to optimise costs and enhance efficiency, especially as lease agreements approach their end.


When considering a move, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation, calculating ideal square footage and collaborating with building agents and landlords to ensure a seamless transition. Our building survey extends beyond the visible, evaluating building services, preparing fit factor space planning, and establishing budgets, all supplemented by ESG environmental reports.


Armed with this comprehensive analysis, businesses can make informed decisions, especially when negotiating new lease terms. It's about empowering you with the insights needed to navigate the crucial decision-making moments in your business journey.


We help you unlock the potential of your workplace with our unique approach centered on staff engagement.

  • ESG and sustainability Assessments

  • Wellness Assessments

  • Building Evaluation

  • Change Management

  • Space/Building Feasibility

Workplace analysis

All good partnerships start with a conversation. Get in contact to speak to a member of the GTA team about your workplace requirements.


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