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We provide an experience of functionality and innovation. From space planning rooted in thorough analysis to future-focused layouts, join us on the journey to a workspace tailored to your unique needs.


office interior design

Communication is key! We bring our clients on the workplace design journey, using 3D animation, walkthroughs, and physical mock-ups for clients to test drive the design and approve fundamental details. After concept development, we create technical drawings for construction, and by collaborating closely with contractors and suppliers, we ensure the seamless execution of the design intent. With a touch of creativity, functionality, and budget-consciousness, our office interior design process transforms your business values into a tangible and inspiring workspace.

Our space planning journey is informed by our thorough workplace analysis, integrating behavioural insights to understand existing desk, meeting room usage, and workflows. Applying these findings, we craft well-informed space plans that aligns with your unique needs.

Navigating through design standards, legislation, regulations, and considering mechanical and electrical services, our team, comprising designers and chartered surveyors, formulates a long-term strategy. Efficiently space planning your project from the outset not only optimises functionality but also saves your business money.

With a keen eye on the future, we offer space-saving furniture solutions and flexible, adaptive layouts that accommodate growth and expansion seamlessly. Our commitment to intelligent space planning ensures your workspace not only meets the present but also evolves in harmony with your business's dynamic needs.

office interior design
Design for workplace
office interior design

Rooted in your business's ethos and values, our designs are a perfect blend of functionality and inspiration. Our workplaces, expressing your identity, welcome visitors with carefully crafted spaces for creativity and productivity. Informed by staff engagement, a workplace overview, and a building survey, our approach ensures practicality meets innovation. 


We don't just design spaces; we tailor them to address the unique needs of the people who use them. Let your workplace go beyond a physical space; let it mirror your business ethos, quietly conveying who you are from the very first encounter. 


Let us walk you through our office interior design process which is marked by our creativity and sector-leading attention to detail. With expertise in both interior and architectural design, our capabilities extend to fit-for-purpose designs, covering mechanical, electrical and structural elements, acoustic expertise, and IT & Audio-Visual integration. We prioritise meeting your budget expectations without compromising on quality and performance.

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Space is so important to me and would explain why I enjoy navigating and designing it for others!

Helena Masat, Senior Designer

All good partnerships start with a conversation. Get in contact to speak to a member of the GTA team about your workplace requirements.


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